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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

We currently find ourselves in a situation that has the propensity to increase our anxiety and depression. As frustrating and frightening as these times may be, we have to be accepting of the social changes in our lives.

There are several ways to combat the presenting situation. Reframing is one such approach. Reframing is a strategy utilized by therapists to help our clients view situations from a different perspective. The essential idea behind this technique is that a person's point of view depends on the frame in which it is regarded. When that frame is shifted, the meaning shifts and thinking and behavior often change along with it.

So, let’s reframe. It is my belief that when we don’t take the time to care for our bodies, our minds, and our spirits; situations manifest that forces us to pay attention. Think of this as an emotional/spiritual/physical state of emergency. Merriam-Webster dictionary describes emergency as:

1: an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for

immediate action;

2: an urgent need for assistance or relief.

Pre-COVID -19, I am sure there were some signs in your life that indicated the need for you to slow down. I promise you there were. Reframe this as an opportunity to address your body and spirits' need for relief.

Let’s start by turning off ALL screens! Here is a list of things to do instead of engage in screen time. Understand that this is in no way a complete list; however just a few ideas to get you started.

1. Pray or meditate (Calm, Headspace, Liberate, etc.…)

2. Pamper yourself at home (manicure, pedicure, bubble/scented Epsom salt soak, etc.)

3. Learn a new hobby

4 Take a nap

5. Read a book

6. Play board game with your children (teach them to play spades)

7. Make a vision board (individual and/or with the family)

8. Take a walk/get fit

9. Go fishing

10. Cook a meal

11. Make a list of 5 things you would like to accomplish in 5 years (and start taking steps

to achieve them).

12. Start journaling

13. Reconnect with family/friends

14. Find a therapist that offers telehealth services (HIPPA approved platforms, Google

Meetings, Skype and email chat rooms are not approved platforms).

15. Start a blog (that’s what I did)

16. Play the music loud and dance!

Each of these activities falls under the following categories:



Meaningful engagement

What are some others you can think of?

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